Fish and Chips by Norman McMurray
'Googles' (5 January 1930).

Norman McMurray was an Australian cartoonist, illustrator and one of the earliest comic artists of his country. His comic strips 'Fish and Chips' (1926-1927) and 'Googles' (1927-1930) appeared in the children's supplement of The Sunday Times in Sydney.

Early life and career
Born in 1890, McMurray was present in the Sunday Times as an illustrator for text stories and articles since at least the early 1920s. One notable illustration of December 1923 depicted how Bondi Beach could look "if the Waverley aldermen but realized their responsibilities".

Norman McMurray's 1923 drawing of an ideal Bondi Beach.

Fish and Chips
On 9 May 1926, McMurray first appeared in the paper's comics supplement Pranks. His first feature was 'Fish and Chips', about the misadventures and goofs of two mischievous brothers. 'Fish and Chips' appeared alongside Ruth Vickery's 'Betty and Bill' and L. De Koningh's 'The Two Rogues', as well as the American 'Felix the Cat' strip by Pat Sullivan.

The final episode of 'Fish and Chips' appeared on 26 June 1927. In the following week, McMurray was back with a new feature, this time appearing on the front page of Pranks. 'Googles' was first introduced to the readers as a toddler, but he quickly grew into a schoolboy prankster. This aging might be explained by the fact that McMurray based the character on his son Billy, who was also nicknamed "Googles". Googles however remained a school kid during the rest of his career. His pranks and adventures appeared until 1 June 1930, when the final issue of the Sunday Times was published.

First appearance of 'Googles' (2 July 1927).

Other work
In addition to his work for the Times, Norman McMurray was a cover artist for "Aussie, The Cheerful Monthly", an opinion and entertainment magazine published by Phillip Harris in Sydney. He also designed and illustrated the Australian movie posters for many of the RKO pictures during the 1930s and 1940s.

Poster art by Norman McMurray.

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