Straight Arrow, by Fred Meagher
Straight Arrow

Fred L. Meagher was the artist of the 1950s monthly comic book 'Straight Arrow' at Magazine Enterprise. Meagher started his career as an illustrator on Hershey Publications' short-lived pulps Dan Dunn Detective Magazine and Tailspin Tommy Air Adventures. From 1935 through World War II his illustrations appeared in various aviation publications and books produced and written by Assen Jordonanoff. He drew for Tom Mix Comics from 1941.

Buffalo Bill by Fred Meagher
Buffalo Bill

He worked on the 'Straight Arrow' comic from 1949. In addition, he drew for other titles by the company, such as The Durango Kid, where he did the back-up feature 'Dan Brand and Tipi'. In addition, he did the 'Broncho Bill' comic strip for United Feature Syndicate. This strip evolved into 'Buffalo Bill' in February, 1955. The demise of ME and 'Buffalo Bill' in 1956 marked the end of Meagher's comic work. With the end of his comic career Meagher moved into industrial design by joining American Can.

Buffalo Bill, by Fred Meagher

Buffalo Bill at

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