Monty by Jim Meddick

Jim Meddick is the creator of the popular newspaper comic strip 'Robotman', also known as 'Robotman & Monty', and eventually 'Monty' in 2001. Jim Meddick studied at Washington University in St. Louis, Montana, where he graduated in 1983. He got a job as a political cartoonist with the Newspaper Enterprise Association, until he was hired to draw 'Robotman', a strip based on a toy character developed by United Feature Syndicate, in 1985.

Robotman, by Jim Meddick

Initially a strip about the exploits of a small robot from outer space visiting Earth, 'Robotman' moved in with the geeky inventor Monty in the 1990s. The pair continued as a duo for several years until Meddick removed 'Robotman' - the character wasn't his property - from the storyline in 2001. The strip has continued as 'Monty' since April 2001. Meddick's strip full of unconventional storylines, characters and situations won the Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2007.

Monty, by Jim Meddick 2002

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