Wocko the Beaut, by Emile Mercier

Emile Mercier was born in New Caledonia, Noumea in 1901, as the son of a French baker. He moved to Australia in 1919 and became a clerc, studying art in night school. Soon he sold his first work to a Sydney newspaper, and he quit his job to become a freelance artist. His work appeared in The Melbourne Punch, Smith's Weekly, ABC Weekly, The Bulletin, Truth and The Daily Mirror, and included strips like 'News Splashes', 'Week Spots' and 'Pen Pushers'.

Mudrake by Emile MercierWocko by Emile Mercier

Emile Mercier also worked for Frank Johnson Publications, where he created a numer of humorous comics, often satires on popular heroes, such as 'Speed Umplestoop', 'Supa Dupa Man', 'Tripalong Hoppity', 'Three Gun Ferdie', 'Wocko the Beaut', 'Doc McSwiggle', 'Bowyang Bill and the Snifter Princess', 'The Case of the Haunted Piecrust' and 'Search for the Gnu-Gnah'.

Tripalong Hoppity, by Emile Mercier

Emile Mercier got a full-time job at the Sydney Sun in 1949, where he worked until his retirement in 1968. After his retirement, he contributed to the yearly Salon Internationale de la Caricature at the Pavilion of Humour in Montreal, Canada, until his death in 1981.

Tripalong Hoppity, by Emile Mercier

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