Robinson Crusoe - Mariner by Colin Merrett
Robinson Crusoe - Mariner (Look and Learn, 1972)

Colin Merritt (also written as Colin Merrett) has had a long career in British comics, that spanned from the 1930's until the early 1990's. He worked as an adventure strip artist for Amalgamated Press before World War II. He illustrated the adventure serial 'Chang the Yellow Pirate' in Joker (1936), which was followed in 1937 by 'Chums of E-Men Patrol' in Illustrated Chips and 'Maid of the Desert' in Sparkler. In the following years, his work continued to appear in Illustrated Chips ('The Three Daring Diamonds', 'Ace Pilot') as well as in Joker ('Chums of the Sea', 'Red Sea Patrol').

Buffalo Bill by Colin Merritt
Buffalo Bill

After World War II, Merritt's art appeared in titles issued by small publisher P.M., such as Funny Comic ('Red Hot'), Full O'Fun ('Guardians of Space'), Star Flash Comic ('The Outcast Kid'), Zip ('Speeding Johnny'), Bob Comic ('Ray Speed'), The Corker Comic ('Flight Through Fire') and Look & Laugh ('One Good Turn'). He was additionally present in the Amex publications A Classic in Pictures and Flash, while also doing new work for AP's Illustrated Chips, including his longest running serial 'Paul Power and his Speed Shell'.

Linda, leerlingverpleegster (from Dutch magazine Tina, 1970)

When many of the small publishers disappeared in the 1950s, Merritt returned to AP, where he contributed to the Super Detective Library, Thriller Picture Library ('Battler Britton' stories, among other things) and the Cowboy Comics Library. Additional credits are stories for the weeklies Sun and Comet, including 'Buffalo Bill' and 'Billy the Kid'. He drew for Look and Learn and IPC girls' titles like Tammy in the 1960's and 1970's. He made a comic strip version of Raphael Sabatini's pirate novel 'Captain Blood'. He was a reclusive man, leaving much about his further life unknown.

Illustration from Look and Learn 173 (1965)

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