No Surrender, by Mort Meskin
No Surrender

Mort Meskin studied at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute and New York's Art Students League. In 1938 he made his debut in the comics field with illustrating 'Sheena' in Jumbo Comics, as a member of the Jerry Iger studios. Meskin specialized in the superhero genre, continuing his career at Chesler, where he illustrated series like 'Bob Phantom', 'Mr Satan', 'Shield' and 'Wizard'. Meskin's best work appeared at National, where Meskin started out in 1941. There, he drew 'Vigilante', 'Wildcat', 'Starman' and stories for Strange Adventures, Mystery in Space and Real Fact. Meskin was heavily influenced by cinematic techniques, which shows in the motion picture inspired stylized drawings and flowing panels. His most notable work for National, was the superhero comic 'Johnny Quick', who could gain super speed by saying a magic formula.

The Vigilante, by Mort Meskin
The Vigilante (Action Comics #2, 1941)

While working for National, Meskin also did work for other companies. Together with Jerry Robinson, he created 'Atoman' and 'Golden Lad' for Spark Publications, 'The Fighting Yank' and 'Black Terror' for Better Publications/Standard and several horror stories for Atlas (Marvel). Through the studio of former National/DC colleagues Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, he produced 'Boys' Ranch' for Harvey and 'Black Magic' for Crestwood Publications. Meskin returned to National/DC in 1956, with some fine war, science fiction and love stories, as well as the 'Mark Merlin' series. Later on, Meskin left the comics field to become an illustrator and art director for an advertising agency. He retired in 1982.

Calico Pony, by Mort Meskin
Calico Pony

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