Citytrip by Tom Metdepenningen
Citytrip (P@per #17, 2011)

Tom Metdepenningen ("Tommeke 't Gommeke") is a Flemish comics artist and animator, best known for creating a 2007 celebrity comic based on the Antwerp humoristic folk band Katastroof, who enjoy a  local cult following. Metdepenningen was born in 1986 in Edegem and raised in Wilrijk. He showed an early interest in comics, especially Willy Vandersteen's 'Suske en Wiske' ('Spike and Suzy'). He set up a fan forum for this classic Flemish comic, and also launched the online comic magazine Studio ARTuur. He studied information design, but eventually found his calling in animation at the Media & Design Academy of Genk.

His first published comic was 'De Strippende Stroof' (2008), published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Antwerp folk band Katastroof. The album is a collection of one-page gags, most of them written by the band's singer, guitarist, and keyboard player "Stef Bef" (real name Steven Boers). The celebrity comic was brought out in combination with a board game and a more luxury edition. This wasn't the first attempt at creating and distributing a comic strip about Katastroof, though. In 1989 Rudi Geubels made an attempt too, but his version never managed to find a publisher. The band's lead singer, Zjuul Krapuul, also designed many of the band's record covers and always in a comic strip style. 

Katastroof comic by Tom Metdepenningen
Comic with the band members from Katastroof (2014)

Metdepenningen was also present in the comic magazine P@per with the gag strip 'Citytrip' (2011) in cooperation with Ivan Claeys. The same year he was one of many comics artists who contributed to the one-shot comic book 'Op het Spoor van Pom' (2011), a homage to Pom, creator of 'Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber'. The sales went to sponsor cancer research for children. In his one-page story, Piet Pienter and Bert Bibber meet the comic book versions of Katastroof's band members. The profits of this book went to fund cancer research for children.

He started publishing his comic strip 'De dolle avonturen van Tom Bardon: De theepot van Shakara' on the site of Stripelmagazine in September 2014. Metdepenningen is co-founder and maintainer of the film site FilmCentrum. In 2016-2017, he was part of "The Wolfpack", a creative team of Standaard Uitgeverij assigned to come up with new ideas for spin-offs with Willy Vandersteen's classic creations, following the success of 'Amoras' (2013) and 'J.Rom Force of Gold' (2014). The other members were storyrunner Johan De Smedt, film director Vincent Bal and the Dutch/Flemish comic authors Bruno de Roover, Lectrr, Stedho, Romano Molenaar, Gerben Valkema and Aimée de Jongh.

Metdepenningen is also active as an animator, having made animated cartoons for GZA Ziekenhuizen and Superprestige. He also gives workshops in drawing comics, both general courses as well as public relations workshops for the celebrity comic 'Jump', which is written and drawn by Charel Cambré.

De Strippende Roof

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