Moderne Olympia by Catherine Meurisse
Moderne Olympia

Catherine Meurisse is a French illustrator, cartoonist and comic book artist, originally from Niort, Deux-Sèvres. She studied French Language and Literature in Potiers and subsequently Illustration at the Estienne school in Paris. She did her first professional illustration work during her next studies, at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. She additionally contributed cartoons to Charlie Hebdo since 2001, and joined the editorial team of this satirical magazine upon graduation in 2005. She contributed to the team's collective books, like 'Mozart qu'on assassine', 'Bébés congelés, chiens écrasés' and 'Le Cahier de vacances de Charlie Hebdo'. By 2014, she was Charlie Hebdo's sole female staff artist. On 7 January 2015, she arrived late for the editorial meeting, and thus escaped from the terrorist attack on the magazine.

Meurisse additionally draws for other magazines, such as Le Nouvel Observateur, Libération, Marianne, Psychologies Magazines and Revue XXI, as well as children's publications like Okapi, DLire, Wapiti and Eurêka. She also illustrates children's books for the publishers Gallimard, Bayard, Nathan, Sarbacane and Albin Michel, and published her children's comic 'Franky et Raoul' with Bayard Jeunesse. As a comic artist, she created the children's gag strip 'Elza' with Didier Lévy in 2007. 'Mes Hommes de Lettres' (Sarbacane, 2008) was her first solo comic book, and gave a comical look on the history of French literature. It was followed by 'Savoir-vivre ou mourir', a Charlie Hebdo publication (2010), 'Le Pont des Arts' (Sarbacane, 2012) and 'Moderne Olympia' (Futuropolis, 2014).

Elza by Catherine Meurisse

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