Le Drapeau Rouge, 2 February 1935. It criticizes the plan of socialist politician Hendrik De Man to nationalize banks, end unemployment and create a powerful state, which basically benefit bankers, sent people to war and establish tyranny. It also promises to help the masses get to work, which they indeed will, albeit to rise against the state with communist aid. 

Willy Michaux was a mid-20th century Belgian cartoonist and film critic, affiliated with the communist magazine Le Drapeau Rouge. He also signed with the pen name Willyam.

Le Drapeau Rouge
During the 1930s, he was a house cartoonist for the Belgian communist magazine Le Drapeu Rouge. He contributed several political comics, with text captions underneath the images, strongly opposing fascism and capitalism and glorifying the revolutionary communist ideals. In later years, Michaux was Le Drapeau Rouge's film critic.

From 1941 on, Michaux was founding member of the artist group Contact, along with the other core members Henri Dresselaers, Wilhem Pauwels (Wilchar), Jean Lagneau, Médard Maertens and Marthe Velle. Among the collective's activities were exhibitions, conferences, a drawing academy and the publishing of books and brochures.

Le Drapeau Rouge, 6 July 1935.  The comic strip criticizes how socialist politicians promise to arrest fascists and disband their organisations, while bringing bankers responsible for the economic crisis to justice. Instead they actually helped the bankers and allowed the fascists to continue their path. 

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