Miguel - Bum-Bum y los Desahuhaciados
Bum-Bum y los Desahuhaciados (Garibolo 27, 1987)

Miguel Ángel Francisco Moreno, known as simply Miguel, was an artist for the publications of Bruguera and Ediciones B. in the 1980s. With scriptwriter Jesús de Cos, he made the series 'Ricky y los Desahuciados', 'Big Bang', 'Billy Roca' and Fernández'. He also made series like 'Crap' and 'Drak' for Monstruos & Co. (1986). When Bruguera folded in 1986 Miguel started contributing his series to publisher Cía General Ediciones. He was present in magazines like Bichos, El Cuervo, ¡¡El Chou!!, Garibolo, Gatopato, La Judía Verde and Zona X ('Vladdy Jenny', 1997).

Ricky y los Desahuciados by Miguel
Ricky y los Desahuciados

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