Secret Wars II, by Al Milgrom (1985)
Secret Wars II

Allen Milgrom has worked as a comic book artist, writer and editor since the 1970s, mainly for Marvel. Milgrom initially worked as an assistant of Murphy Anderson. He contributed to Charlton's 'Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves' in the early 1970s, and also appeared in Star Reach and Warren publications. As a penciller, he has contributed to Marvel titles like 'Captain America' (1970s), 'Avengers' (1983-85), 'Kitty Pryde and Wolverine' (1984-85) and 'Secret Wars II' (1985-86). In 1968, he worked on 'Captain America'.

Milgrom has also worked exclusively as scriptwriter, like on 'Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man' (1984-85), 'Incredible Hulk' ( (1986-87), 'Mephisto' (1987) and 'Amazing Spider-man Vol.1' (1991). Also for Marvel, he was a prolific inker (many titles) and editor of Epic Comics with Archie Goodwin and Marvel Fanfare (1982-1992). Milgrom has additionally worked for DC, co-creating 'Firestorm' with writer Gerry Conway in 1978.

Dr Strange, by Al Milgrom (1977)
Dr Strange (1977)

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