Cartoon by Jesús Millán Muñoz.

Jesús Millán Muñoz is a Spanish writer, philosopher, teacher, cartoonist and self-publisher. For his literary writing, he uses the pseudonym J.M.M. Caminero, while his cartoons are signed with Achus, Millán M or M.M.

Life and career
Millán Muñoz was born in 1957 in Puertollano, a town in the Spanish province Ciudad Real in the Castile-La Mancha region. He studied to become a teacher, did courses in philosophy and theology, and graduated in Philosophy and Letters in 1997. Between 1982 and 2004, and then from 2013 to 2021, he was an official of the local administration of his province. In his spare time, he is a writer on philosophical subjects and self-publisher of fanzines and cartoon books. In addition, he has participated in a multitude of courses and conferences, and also in innovation and teaching improvement projects.

Among Millán's publications are fifty volumes of his 'Cuadernos de la Mancha', a philosophical and pictural novel that tries to capture philosophy, metaphysics, literature and plastic art in one production. He has also authored twenty-five Art Manifestos and multiple editions of his encyclopedia of philosophy ('Enciclopedia Filosofía'). His main body of work consists of in various self-published zines and magazines, including Orfeo, Athena, Poesía-fanzine, Prometheus, Erato, Revista de Filosofía, Revista de Historia and Revista de Cultura, among other titles. His writings on philosophy, comics and graphic humor have also appeared in digital and print media like El Porvenir de CLM, Diario Crí, El Periodista,,, ElDí,,, ADValdepeñ, El, Extremadura Progresista, LaVerdaddeCeuta,com,,,,,, Alhaurin de la, La Voz de and El Tambor.

Books by J.M.M. Caminero that are registered with the National Library are the illustrated album 'Textos y Dibujos' (1983), the electronic resource 'Enciclopedia General de Creación' (1994) and the video project '152 Conversaciones de Filosofía' (2015). Besides his own oeuvre, he was also among the authors of the longest novel written in Castilian.

Under the pen names Achus, Millán M or M.M., he makes cartoons with intellectual reflections. They have been published online on, la,,, and He is also the author of the locally distributed comic books 'Cómics. Oráculo de Delphos' and 'Cómics. Mercado'.

 Cartoon by Jésus Millán Muñoz.

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