Scenes de Menages by Eric Miller
Scènes de Ménages

Éric Miller is a French comic book artist, who has provided artwork for several humorous series published by Bamboo, Vents d'Ouest and Jungle!. He started out in the mid 1980s, making comic books in commission. He has drawn books about the effects of alcohol ('Les Zétanols') and the town of Grande-Synthe ('De Sentinas à Grande-Synthe'). With writer Hervé Richez, he launched the series about the little bee 'Buzzi' at Coeur de Loup in 1998. The strip was continued at Bamboo until 2001. Miller continued to work with Richez on 'Les Banquiers', a humorous look at banking, published by Vents d'Ouest between 2003 and 2006. He has also been a productive artist for Vents d'Ouest humor collections 'L'encyclopédie des prénoms en BD' and 'Les Guides Junior'. Since 2011, he makes the gag series 'Scènes de ménages' with writer Jif for Jungle!. Also for Jungle, he has made the book 'Comment s'envoyer en l'air sans s'ennuyer?' with Christian Godard.

Les Guides Junior
Les Guides Junior - Love

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