Witch, by Lorna Miller

Since Lorna Miller graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1994, she has been producing illustrations and writing and drawing her own comic stories. Her eighty-page comic book 'Witch' was sold worldwide. Lorna has been published in a number of magazines, including Cheap Date, Girlfrenzy, Super State Funnies, Crisp and Variant. Her work has been exhibited in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Croatia. She is also a freelance hand and digital colorist for the popular children's comic 'Thomas the Tank Engine'. Lorna now lives in Brighton, England.

Nobody Likes Me, by Lorna Miller

Comments by Peter Bagge on Lorna Miller's 'Witch':
"Lorna Miller is one of those rare cartoonists who isn't afraid to expose her seething psyche to the entire universe. In fact, she can't help it! Her work can easily be filed under the heading "so true it hurts, yet too funny NOT to laugh at." Plus she draws good. 'Witch' is a must have item!"

Jane, by Lorna Miller


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