From Stripburger, by Danilo Milosev

Danilo Milosev is a computer operator, who just happens to be a cult comic artist in his spare time. He is one of the most acclaimed Serbian authors abroad. Since 1995, he has been constantly publishing comics in Europe, the United States and Canada. He won awards several times and self-published the Krpelj fanzine.

From Stripburger, by Wostok

With Nabor Devolac, he published a collection of his work in an album called 'Nikad Se Ne Zna' ('You Never Know'). When he is not busy drawing, he is shooting low-budget films. His story 'The Lame Wolf' was created in collaboration with writer Vasko Popov. His work is frequently published in comic magazine Stripburger.

The Lame Wolf, by Wostok

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