El Chequeo, by JM Miralles

A self-taught artist, Josep Maria Miralles started his career at Josep Toutain's international agency Selecciones Ilustradas in 1953. First he drew comics for French publisher Editions Artima, then he went through a very productive period drawing romantic stories for British magazines Valentine, Marilyn and Roxy. However, he became more interested in color illustration and started to alternate it with his comics.

After the mid-1960s the comics he drew were occasional. One of them was the sporadic 'An Insult to Science', a ten-page script by Fernando Fernández. It appeared in the USA, in a 1977 issue of Vampirella. In the early 1980s he drew the even briefer tales 'La Ofrenda' and 'El Chequeo' for publisher Toutain in Spain. Carlos Trillo provided the scripts. As an illustrator J. M. Miralles worked for such different countries as the USA (Dell Books, Ace Books), Spain (AFHA, Plaza & Janés, Toray, Martínez Roca) and France (Hachette, Reader's Digest) He also did exhibitions of paintings.

comic art by Jose Maria Miralles

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