comic from Skorpio by Miro Missaglia
'Notte di Odio a San Francisco' (Skorpio #51, 1984).

Vladimiro Missaglia had been working together with his brother and scriptwriter Ennio Missaglia (1930-1993) for most of his career. Miro began his career contributing to publishing houses like Bianconi in Italy (1957) and Lug and Aventures et Voyages in France. They created such series as 'Ray Champion' in Trophée, as well as 'Brigade OVNI' in Espace and Sunny Sun.

Texas Kid by Miro Missaglia
'Texas Kid'. 

In 1962 the Brothers Missaglia created the heroic humorous comic 'I Tre Marines', about three marines in Mexico. From 1966 to 1981, the two brothers worked for Jeunesse publishers in France, where they created the 'Tarzan' clone 'Kali', set in the forests of India. In the late 1970s they realized some stories of 'Mister No', as well as the western 'Judas' (artwork in cooperation with Ivo Pavone).

Arok, by Miro Missaglia

In addition to their "mainstream" work, the Missaglia brothers created some erotic comics for Elvifrance ('Histoires Noires', 'Incube', 'Odine', etc.). Ennio has also written for others artists, but Vladimiro worked mostly with his brother, with exception of 'James, Capitaine Flibuste', which appeared in Blek. After Ennio's death in 1993, Vladimiro worked in the animation field and created the historical comic 'Venezia. La Storia, la Leggenda' in 1997. Vladimiro Missaglia died on 8 June 2008

comic art by Vladimiro Missaglia

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