Kl├ębar le Chien, by Mo/CDM

Mo/CDM created the fanzine Chieurs de Monde with Ralph Meyer and Julien/CDM while still in college. The initials of the fanzine layed the basis for the somewhat peculiar pseudonyms of both Mo/CDM and Julien/CDM. He began his career designing game pages for magazines like Journal de Mickey, Super Picsou Géant and Mickey Jeux.

He was also a versatile artist and writer for the publishing house La Sirène. He made several humorous books in the collection 'Guides de A à Z' with writer Germain, wrote the gag series 'Mat Matou' for Christian Gaudin (2000-2007) and wrote and drew 'Les aventures de Nukle et Harwar' (2001), 'Klébar le Chien' (2002-2009) and 'Pad Bowlman' (2003). 'Mat Matou' was eventually published by Albin Michel, and 'Klébar le Chien' by Audie.

Forbidden Zone by Mo/CDM
Forbidden Zone

He has been part of the editorial team of Fluide Glacial since 2000. He has made several gag pages for the magazine, including the series 'Forbidden Zone' and 'Geek War', and he writes the series 'Cosmik Roger' for Julien/CDM since 2002. His comic 'Spoot & Nik' was published by Le Lombard in 2009, and with the artist Gaël, he created 'Bébé Academy' in Spirou (2004) and 'Les Blattes' for Le Lombard (2006-2009).

Spoot & Nik by Mo/CDM
Spoot & Nik

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