Adolf, by Walter Moers

Walter Moers is one of the most successful and popular present-day German comic artists, although the lives a reclusive life and avoids publicity. Born in Mönchengladbach, he started publishing his work in the fanzine PLOP in 1984. Since 1985, he has written radio plays, animated and puppet series for television, and children's books, like 'Professor Schimauski' (1987). His creation 'Käpt'n Blaubär' has starred in books, on TV and in a musical, and in 1999, Moers started his popular novel series 'Zamonien'.

Das Kleines Arschloch by Walter Moers
Das Kleines Arschloch

A large part of Moers' often political incorrect comics were printed in the satirical magazines Kowalski and Titanic. His best known comic characters are 'Der Alter Sack', a sarcastic old man, and the controversial 'Adolf, der Nazisau', about an Adolf Hitler in present-day society. But he has gained most popularity with 'Das Kleines Arschloch' (1990), about a nasty little boy. Moers also wrote both the script and songs for the movie adaptation of 'Das Kleines Arschloch' in 1997. His later comics production include 'Der Pinguin: A Very Graphic Novel' (2012) and 'Jesus total - Die wahre Geschichte' (2013).

Jesus Total by Walter Moers
Jesus total: Die wahre Geschichte (2013)

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