Batman, by Sheldon Moldoff (1962)

Sheldon Moldoff was born in New York City in 1920. He learned how to draw with a piece of chalk, using the sidewalks of Manhattan as his canvas. At the age of seventeen he sold his first cartoon and soon afterward he became first assistant to Bob Kane on the 'Batman' series, working with Kane on this series on and off for thirty years.

In 1940 Moldoff created both the 'Black Pirate' and the 'Hawkman' for DC Comics. From about 1939 he was one of DC's most prolific cover artists, illustrating many covers, including the cover to All American #16, the first appearance of 'Green Lantern'. His style at the time was very illustrative. In 1953 he became one of the lead artists on the 'Batman' with Dick Sprang and Win Mortimer, which he drew for the next 14 years.

Superman, by Moldoff (1962)

Sheldon left comics in 1967, during the big DC clean-out, and several other golden age artists were also let go. From there he went into film production, working on numerous animated projects, one of which was storyboarding the 'Courageous Cat' and 'Minute Mouse' cartoon series as well as hundreds of others. He also produced comic books for chain restaurants such as Burger King and Red Lobster. Sheldon Moldoff passed away on 29 February 2012.

Green Lantern, by Sheldon Moldoff

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