Scary Tales, by Bill Molno

William Molno illustrated crime, horror and romance stories for Story Comics, Ace Periodicals, Toby Press, and Feature Comics in the early 1950s, before becoming a staffer at Charlton Comics in Derby, Connecticut. Between 1955 and 1977, Bill Molno worked on many of the company's titles (mainly war and western), including 'Hot Rods and Racing Cars', 'Fightin' Air Force', 'Fightin' Army', 'Fightin' Marines', 'Fightin' Five', 'Outlaws of the West', 'Strange Suspense Stories', 'Unusual Tales', 'Gorgo', 'Jim Bowie', 'Billy the Kid' and 'Submarine Attack'. In his later years he did watercolors and large oil paintings in his hometown outside New Haven, Connecticut.

Robin Hood, by Bill Molno

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