Ogar, by Yves Mondet

Yves Mondet was an artist of French pocket comics and comic books. His early credits include 'Le Singe de Hong-Kong' in the weekly Pic et Nic and contributions to Les Trois Couleurs magazine from Lyon. He drew 'Silly au Pays Enchanté' at the publishing house Wolff in 1946. Afterwards, he drew two issues in the collection Les Aventures Fantastiques at Claire Jeunesse ('Le Trésor de la Terre qui Tremble' in 1947 and 'La Pluie de Sang' in 1948). He then took on the comic book series 'Ogar, le Démon des Savanes' at Journal des Jeunes, of which 8 issues appeared in 1948. He was additionally present in Wrill with 'Telluro City' and in Comic Burlesc with 'Les Aventures Piquantes de Betty Rumba'.

Gor, Fils des √Čtoiles by Bill Louky
Gor, Fils des Étoiles by Bill Louky (Johnny Texas, 1959)

Mondet worked for the publishing house Puits-Pelu from the early 1950s. There, he drew the science fiction comic 'L'An 2000', of which 12 issues appeared in 1953 and 1954. He drew most of the comics in the late 1950s title Johnny Texas, including 'Johnny Texas' and 'Gor, Fils des Étoiles'. Mondet also completely filled the pages of the magazines Les Histoires Illustrées with stories like 'Jehan le Bachelier' and 'Bill Jack', using various pseudonyms such as Marcus, Muriel, Bill, Look, Lucky Luc, Bill Louky. In addition, Mondet was a versatile artist for the publishing house Lug, for which he drew the jungle series 'Tanka' in the 1960s. Also, for the pocket publications of Impéria, he produced 'Buck John' (1961-67), 'Kit Carson' (1961-66), 'Cassidy' (1962), 'Caribou' (1965-68) and 'Oliver' (1961-69).

Tanka, by Yves Mondet

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