Tu mouras moins bête by Marion Montaigne

Marion Montaigne is a French illustrator and comic artist, based in Paris. She was born in Saint-Denis on the isle of La Réunion, and got her artistic education at the Atelier de Sèvres, the Parisian Estienne art school and the Gobelins animation school. She has worked for TF1 Jeunesse, and did scriptwork for the TV series 'Une minute au musée'. She eventually turned freelance, and works as an illustrator for publishers like Bayard, Milan, Nathan, Larousse and Lito.

La Vie des Très Bêtes by Marion Montaigne

As a comic artist, she specialized in humorous documentary comics, starting with her 2006 debut 'Le Cafard'. It was followed by the next year's 'Panique Organique' at Sarbacane and the series 'La vie des très bêtes' (Bayard, 2008-2010). The content of her blog about the human body, 'Tu mourras moins bête', is published in book format through Ankama Éditions since 2011. Among her other books are 'Youri et Margarine dans l'espace' (Tourbillon, 2009) and 'Riche Pourquoi pas toi?' (Dargaud, 2013).

Tu mourras moins bête


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