cover for Wimmen's Comix #1, by Pat Moodian

Patricia, or "Pat" Moodian was one of the female authors in the underground comix scene of the 1970s. In the 1960s Patty contributed political cartoons to the Berkeley Barb underground newspaper. She was one of the initiators of the underground comic Wimmen's Comix. She edited the first book of 1972, drew the front and rear covers, as well as a story inside. She contributed to the second issue and has also worked with Roger Brandt and Larry Todd on Paranoia Comix and Health Education Comix.

She furthermore worked in animation with Dan O'Neil, and created many posters for bands during the 1970s and early 1980s, including the Ohio Players and the Sex Pistols. She has played in several bands herself (as Norton Patty), such as Mean Machine, Space Kats, The Rockoons, and Brainless Idiots. Moodian played flute in the City College of San Francisco jazz ensemble, and electric bass and acoustic bass viol in big bands, while also performing solo and in blues bands.

She has also worked under the name Patty Pink on holographic work, that is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology media collection. Patty Pink was also editor of the Laser Arts Society for Education and Research Magazine for five years. As Shovelhead Patty, she contributes to various online motorcycle publications. In more recent years, she has been involved with the Barrington Collective Freeskool in Berekeley California as a blues guitar teacher, and with the San Francisco Motorcycle Club as vice-president. Pat Moodian has been active regarding the civil rights of minors, following a wrongful custody dispute over her homeschooled twin sons with the Alameda County Child Protective Services in 2000.

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