comic art by Fabio Moon

Fabio Moon, and his twin brother Gabriel Ba, have been drawing together since their early childhood. Graduates in plastic arts, they started out publishing the fanzine 10 Pãezinhos. They published 'Smoke and Guns' in 2005 (AIT/planetlar), an original graphic novel about warring gangs of heavily armed cigarette girls. Kirsten Baldock was the writer - and the story was based loosely on her experiences as a cigarette girl. Fabio also does illustration work in Brazil, and he works as a storyboard artist for advertising, movies and music videos. He did the artwork for a mini-series called 'Roland: Days of Wrath', written by Shane Amaya and published by Terra Major in 1999. The brothers also made the autobiographical graphic novel 'De: Tales: Stories of Urban Brazil'. In 2004 he published 'Ursula', a love story.

Ursula by Fabio Moon

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