Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore
Strangers in Paradise - It's a good life!

Terry Moore is a comic book en graphic novel author, best known as the creator of 'Strangers In Paradise'. This comic started as a three-issue mini-series published by Antarctic Press in 1993. Moore then self-published new issues from under his own Abstract Studio imprint, following the examples of independent authors like Dave Sim and Jeff Smith. In 1996, 'Strangers In Paradise' won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.

Echo by Terry Moore
Echo #3

Moore joined forces with Jim Lee, Kurt Busiek and James Robinson later in 1996 to launch a new imprint, Homage Comics. Moore released eight issues of 'SiP' through Homage and then returned to his own imprint to continue the series. Today, 'Strangers in Paradise' is read worldwide and has been reprinted in seven languages. As a writer, Moore has credits with Marvel comic books like 'Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane' and 'Runaways'. Starting in 2007, Moore launched a new independently published series called 'Echo'.

Strangers in Paradise, by Terry Moore

Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore

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