comic from Oz by Philippe Mora
'Victor Vulgar in Emile Zola's Urinal Germinal', from Oz (1969).

Philippe Mora is a French-born Australian film director. He has been directing films since the mid-1960s. He moved to London in late 1967 to pursue painting and filmmaking. There, he contributed comics and cartoons to the London edition of the Australian hippie magazine Oz, which he signed with Von Mora. He also worked with Martin Sharp on the all-graphic Magic Theatre edition. Mora also contributed to Alan Aldridge's book 'The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics' (1969). 

In London, he worked on award-winning films like 'Swastika' (1973) and 'Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?' (1975), before returning to Australia. He launched the film magazine Cinema Papers with Peter Beilby and directed the film 'Mad Dog Morgan', which earned him international fame. Mora eventually settled in Los Angeles, and has since worked as a director on films like 'The Beast Within', 'A Breed Apart', 'Communion', and 'The Howling' II and III.

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