Isola del Tesoro by Arturo Moreno
Isola del Tesoro

Arturo Moreno Salvador was one of the most prominent Spanish comic artists of the first half of the 20th century. Born in Valencia, he contributed his work to the satirical magazine Pulgarcito in the 1920s, including the comic 'Tomy, Aventuras de un Joven Sportman'. For magazine Pocholo he created series like 'Formidables Trapisondas de Mick, Mock y Muck' (1932), about the voyages of a cabin-boy, an old sailor and a dog, and 'Punto Negro en el País del Juego' (1934), a fable about an anthropomorphic ink blot.

From TBO, by Arturo Moreno

Moreno stood out for his long stories full of fantasy and beautiful sceneries. Moreno did similar work for El Hogar y la Moda: 'Aventuras de un Faraón en el siglo XX' (1934) and 'Palito y Pachito' (1937). He was one of the driving forces behind the magazine KKO of Editorial Guerri, and published series like 'Chupatintas y su Pandilla', 'Capuchín', 'El Califa Cigüeña' and 'El Flautista de Hamelín' to Chicos and Mis Chicas.

Bobalicon, by Arturo Moreno

He voluntarily emigrated to Venezuela in 1948, where he worked for the Ministry of Education (Tricolor) and on advertising films for among others Camel and Shell through Bolivár Films. Back in Spain in 1956, Moreno began a collaboration with the scriptwriter Bech for the magazines Paseo Infantil (Gestión) and TBO (Buigas), creating new series like 'León y Arpón, Trotamundos' and 'Fifilo'. In the 1950s, Moreno created such series like 'Aventuras de Cuqui' in Maravillas, 'Pinky Trotamundos' and 'Ciclonín' in Pinocho, and 'Jacin Too' in Balalín. In 1974, he made the title comic for the magazine Chito.

Demasiado Oxigeno, by Arturo Moreno

In addition to his work in comics, Moreno was a pioneer in animation as the co-founder of Diarmo Films in 1942, creating among others 'Garbancito de la Mancha', a milestone in history of Spanish animated cartoons.

La avançada del rugbysta, by Arturo Moreno

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