Rheisa Behll, by Paolo Morisi

Paolo Morisi studied at the Art Institute in Bologna. He began his career in the early 1960s working with Magnus on the popular series 'Kriminal' and 'Satanik'. For the French publishing house Lug, he is, among others, the artist on parts 3-8 of the series 'Homicron' published in Futura in 1972-1973. He additionally created 'Kennet Ryan' and began a collaboration with Edifumetto. He worked with Romanini on several episodes of 'Zora' and 'Wallenstein'. In 1976, he was present in Corrier Boy with the series 'Archivio Zero' and 'L'Ultima Odissea'. In cooperation with the writer Carlo Zanfrognini, he created 'Morgan Tower' at Desiba (1980) and 'Rheisa Behl' at Les Humanoïdes Associés (1985). He also began working for the North American market, contributing to Son of Heavy Metal.

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