La Lampada di Aladino, by Guido Moroni-Celsi (1939)

Guido Moroni-Celsi began his career as a portrait artist and humor cartoonist. His early chronicle illustrations appeared in a Roman newspaper. He additionally made political satires for several humor magazines. A series of sketches called 'Pippo's Sketchbook' was published in Il Messaggero dei Piccoli. He has worked extensively for magazines like Il Giornalino della Domenica and Il Cartoccino dei Piccoli. Moroni-Celsi's first strip, 'Bonifazio', was published in Novellino in 1926 and was partly inspired by Swinnerton's 'Little Jimmy'. Some of his most notable works include 'Grillo il Balillino' (Il Corriere dei Piccoli, 1934), the western 'Ulceda' (1935) and his only science fiction story, 'S.K.1' (Topolino, 1935-36).

comic art by Guido Moroni-Celsi

Moroni Celso was also present in L'Avventuroso with 'La Prigioniera Dei Ras', an homage to the Italian colonial empire. But his best-remembered work remains his illustrated version of Salgari's jungle novels, such as 'I Misteri della Giungla Nera' and 'La Conquista di Mompracem', published between 1936 and 1941. Guido Moroni-Celsi died in utter obscurity in 1962, but he was later remembered as one of "the fathers of the Italian adventure strip".

Sandokan, by Guido Moroni Celsi

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