Smilin' Jack, by Zack Mosley (1945)
'Smilin' Jack'. 

Zack Terrell Mosley attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the Chicago Art Institute. His early jobs include assisting Dick Calkins on 'Buck Rogers' and 'Skyroads'. Having a profound love of aircraft, and owning a pilot's degree himself, it was no surprise that his first solo comic was an aviation Sunday page, 'On the Wing' (1933). His second strip, 'Smilin' Jack' was created in the same year and became a huge success. It ran as a daily strip and a Sunday page until 1973. Mosley continued to fly a great deal, owning nine planes himself and flying on Civilian Air Patrol antisubmarine flights during World War II. He designed insignias, posters and program covers for several flying events.

Smilin' Jack, by Zack Mosley 1941
'Smilin' Jack'. 

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