Little Audrey, by Steve Mufatti
Tiny (Little Audrey #33)

Steve Muffatti was an animator and comic book artist. He was a successful animator with Fleischer on 'Superman' cartoons. He later worked for Paramount's Famous Cartoon Studios where he was an animator on such cartoon series as 'Popeye' (based on E.C. Segar's comic character), 'Casper the Friendly Ghost', and 'Little Lulu' (based on the comic character created by Marge).

Casper by Steve Muffatti
Casper #30

He worked for Harvey Comics since 1952 on comic books like 'Little Audrey', 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' and 'Paramount Animated Comics'. He drew many stories with 'Little Audrey', 'Tiny' and 'Wendy Witch World', but also with 'Casper' as well as the first 'Richie Rich' stories in Little Dot. He later also worked for Harvey's animation studios.

Tiny, by Steve Mufatti
Tiny (Little Audrey #8)

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