Josechu el Vasco, by Joaquim Muntañola

Joaquim Muntañola was a classical Spanish comic artist, who mainly signed with just Muntañola. Born in Barcelona, he began his career in the mid 1930s in El Be Negre, L'Esquitx and El Patufet. After the war, he developed several short animated films starring the fakir Gonzalez in cooperation with Rovira-Veleta and José Escobar Saliente.

He became a regular with the humorour comic magazine TBO in the 1940s, creating characters like 'Josechu el Vasco', 'Angelina y Cristobalito' and 'Doña Exagerancia'. He also edited the magazine Atalaya and contributed to Páginas Vividas, El Correo Catalán and El Mundo Deportivo.

His work was featured in several magazines throughout the 1950s and 1960s, such as Tele-Estel, Dicen, Vida Deportiva, Barcelona Deportiva, Lean, RB, Fotogramas, Lecturas, Patufet, Don Balón, Ellas and Interviú. He had a daily cartoon strip in La Vanguardia between 1962 and 1984.

Several books collections of his work have appeared, such as the 'El Humor de Muntañola' compilations and 'La Vida en Dulce'. Furthermore, he was the author of eight theatrical comedies, and a film critic. He published his autobiography in 2008.

Josechu el Vasco, by Joaquim Muntañola

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