Walter le Loup by JL Munuera
'Walter le Loup'.

Born in the Andalusian city Lorca, José-Luis Munuera attended the School of Fine Arts in Granada. He made his debut with 'No Hay Domingos en el Infierno' for the Spanish publisher Lunáticos in 1995, but subsequently focused on working for French publishers like Delcourt and Dargaud. At the Angoulême Comics Festival he met Joann Sfar with whom he began a collaboration on series like 'Les Potamoks' (1996-97) and 'Merlin' (1999-2001), series published by Delcourt. Munuera was additionally working for Bayard Presse, illustrating the 'Sam Trot' feature in J'Aime Lire.

Merlin, by José-Luis Munuera

Munuera worked with scriptwriter Jean-David Morvan for the first time in 1999, when they created 'Sir Pyle S. Culape' for Lanfeust Mag by Soleil Productions. Morvan also took over the scriptwriting of 'Merlin' for two more books in 2002 and 2003. Also with Morvan and in cooperation with Philippe Buchet, he created 'Nävis' (Delcourt, 2003-2009), a series that told the youth of the principal character from 'Sillage'. Between 2004 and 2006, Munuera and Morvan created three new albums for the classic Dupuis series 'Spirou et Fantasio' in succession of Tome and Janry.

Spirou et Fantasio, by Jose-Luis Munuera (2004)
'Spirou à Tokyo'.

Apart from Delcourt, Munuera has also worked extensively for Dargaud. In 2000, he had already made a comic adaptation of the Dreamworks film 'The Road to Eldorado' for this publisher. He resumed his work for Dargaud in 2009 when he created the dramatic comic 'Le Signe de la Lune' with Enrique Bonet. It was followed by the funny animal series 'Walter Le Loup', for which Munuera writes the scripts himself, in 2010 and the graphic novels 'Fraternity' (with Juan Díaz Canalès, 2011) and 'Sortileges' (with Jean Dufaux, 2012-2013).

P'tit Boule et Bill by JL Munuera
'P'tit Boule et Bill'.

Between 2011 and 2013 he made the drawings for four booklets in the series 'P'tit Boule et Bill' with Laurence Gillot, based on the characters by Jean Roba and Laurent Verron. He returned to Dupuis in 2014 as the writer and artist of the pirate comic 'Les Campbell'. In the 2020s Munuera started adapting literary classics in graphic novel form. His first release was 'Bartleby, The Scrivener', based on Herman Melville's short story of the same name. For 2022, an adaptation of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' has been announced. 

Le Signe de la Lune by JL Munuera
'Le Signe de la Lune'.

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