Au vent mauvais by Thierry Murat
Au vent mauvais

Born in Périgueux, Thierry Murat spent his entire childhood in Bergerac. After completing high school, he studied Applied Arts in Poitiers for three years. He worked as a graphic artist and illustrator in Bordeaux from 1990 to 2000. In 2002, he published two children's books at the publishing house Le Rouergue. He then teamed up with scenarist Éric Corbeyran to create 'Elle Ne Pleure Pas, Elle Chante', a comic adaptation of Amélie Sarn's novel, at Delcourt in 2004.

Murat has participated on several music-related comics projects. He made a book about Woody Guthrie in the collection 'BD Folk' (Éditions Nocturne, 2006) and participated in the anthology 'Bob Dylan Revisited' (Delcourt, 2008). With writer Rascal, he made the children's comic 'Ysoline' (Delcourt, 2006) as well as the "comics road movie" 'Au vent mauvais' (Futuropolis, 2013). He has also worked with Arnaud Floc'h on the one-shot 'Le Poisson-Chat' (Delcourt, 2008). Murat has made comic adaptations of the Anne-Laure Bondoux novel 'Les Larmes de l'Assassin' (2011) and Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea' (2014) for Futuropolis.

Le vieil Homme et la Mer by Thierry Murat
Le Vieil Homme et la Mer

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