Don Accidento, by Alberto Murguía
Don Accidento

Alberto Murguía was born in Mexico around 1925. He worked for the publishing house Bruguera in Spain during the 1970s. One of his early serials was 'Leonardo, el Investigador Privado (de Razón)'. He contributed 'Don Accidento' to Bruguera magazines like DDT. This series featured an undesirable man causing accidents on his way. Another series by Murguía was 'Maurice el Inspector', that appeared in Tío Vivo. Murguía made some corporate comics for companies in Mexico, like 'El Maestro Juan' for the Cementos Tolteca Company, while also working as a drawing teacher during the 1980s. He was a great admirer of the Belgian artist Morris.

El Maestro Juan by Albert Muruia
Self-portrait in El Maestro Juan comic.

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