El Capitán Barba Loca by Jorge Nabau
El Capitán Barba Loca

Jorge Nabau Pérez was born in the Catalan town La Fuliola. He was active in the Spanish comics field from the 1950s throughout the 1980s, although not much is known about him. He started working for magazine Jaimito in the 1950s, drawing comic strips and joke pages. He drew for Bruguera's Pepe Cola in the late 1950s. Additionally, he was present in Tío Vivo with contributions to several collective series. In the 1960s he drew for Toray collections like 'Lindaflor', 'Relatos de Guerra', Brigada Secreta', 'Serenata Extra', 'Hurón' and 'Hombres Famosos'. He also did a strip called 'Barrett's Circus' for the English language course Inglés Junior.

Barrett's Circus by Jorge Nabau
Barrett's Circus

Nabau is mainly known for his work with the writer Emilio Sotillos. Together, they made 'Donald Cash' in Toray's Hurón in 1968. In 1971 they made several issues of 'El Capitán Trinquete', published by Toray. This character grew to greater fame as 'El Capitán Barba Loca' in Pulgarcito and other children's magazine published by Bruguera. In addition to 'Barba Loca' Nabau also drew series like 'Maxi y Mofletes', 'Adelino Flequillo' and 'Tim e Tom' from scripts by Jésus De Cos for Bruguera magazines like Zipi e Zape.

El Lore Atomico by Jorge Nabau
El Lore Atómico

He was present in the girl's magazine Julia with 'El Lore Atómico' in the early 1980s. Later in the decade Nabau and Sentillos made adaptations of 'Pinocchio', 'Alí Baba', 'Heidi' and 'Tom Sawyer', published by Nabau Guash. He has most likely also worked for the British market, for instance on the magazine Roxy. He is also referred to as Jordi Nabau.

comic for Roxy by Jorge Nabau
comic for Roxy

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