Les Sarcophages du Complexe, by Mohamed Nadrani
Les Sarcophages du Complexe (2005)

Mohammed Nadrani was born in the Rif Mountains. As a young man he was active in a Marxist-Leninist association and was arrested during the student protests of 1976. His artistic adventure began when he found a piece of charcoal in his cell, which eventually lead to the publication of a 48-page-long comic book titled 'Les Sarcophages du Complexe' about the Moroccan "years of lead" (the dictatorship under King Hassan II). Today, Nadrani works as a cartoonist for the Arab daily newspaper Al-Ayyam. In 2008, he published his second book, 'L'Emir Ben Abdelkrim', about the Rif War against the Spanish (1920-22).

L'Emir Ben Abdelkrim, by Mohammed Nadrani
L'Emir Ben Abdelkrim (2008)

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