Pituto, by Nato

Renato Andrade, who signed with Nato, was one of the main artists for the sports magazine Estadio, and the creator of the well-known character 'Cachupín'. He learned the finer points of the profession from Eduardo Pinochet in the 1930s. In the early 1940s, he went to work for the Sección Propaganda of the daily La Hora. He also joined the weekly El Cabrito, for which he drew the strip 'Pirulín'. He eventually joined Estadio, where he initially did a section called 'Migajas'.

comic art by Nato

About a year later, he was asked by the editor-in-chief to create a comic for the magazine, which resulted in 'Cachupín'. Later on, Nato was as art director on Guido Vallejos' puslishing house, working on the magazines El Pinguino, Viejo Verde, Cosquillas, Mi Vida, Cine Amor and Flash. In Pobre Diablo, he took over 'Toribio, el Náufrago', a comic strip created by the editor and an artist called Pequén. For the Simbad pocket book, he drew the monkey 'Ponchito'. This strip appeared in Nuestra Tierra until 2002.

comic art by Nato

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