Mindforkin' by Nate Neal
Mindforkin' (Mome #16)

Nate Neal was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is the co-founder of the short-lived comic anthology Hoax (that featured early works of Eleanor Davis, Dash Shaw & Hans Rickheit).

Delia's Love by Nate Neal
Delia's Love (Mome #15)

Since then he's done commercial strips for Nickelodeon Magazine ('Truckhead'), Mad Magazine's kids magazine ('Spy vs. Spy Jr.' and 'The Adventures of Willy Nilly') and a half-dozen stories for Fantagraphics' art comic anthology 'Mome'. His 200-page debut graphic novel 'The Sanctuary', about the exploits of a paleolithic cave artist, will be released by Fantagraphics in August 2010.

Fruition by Nate Neal
Fruition (Mome #18)

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