Plug by Vic Neill

Vic Neill was a British comic artist, who began his career with the comic book published by D.C. Thomson. Among his early comics was the 'Peter Piper' strip for Sparky, and his continuation of Dudley Watkins' 'Mickey the Monkey' in the Topper from 1969. During the 1970s, he made several Scottish Highlands-themed strips for The Beano, such as 'The McTickles' (1971) and its successor 'Wee Ben Nevis' (1974). From 1977 he was the regular artist for the title strip of Plug, a new comic book that was meant as a spin-off of 'The Bash Street Kids'. He continued the strip in The Beezer from 1979.

In the 1980s, Neill was also present in the magazines published by I.P.C. He drew 'Top of the Class' and 'Melvyn's Mirror' for Buster and 'Spare-Part Kit' in Whoopee. He returned to The Beano in the late 1980s, taking over 'The Germs' from David Sutherland, and drawing 'Billy Whizz' from 1992. Neill remained with The Beano until his death in 1999, drawing 'Tim Traveller' and 'Crazy for Daisy'.

Billy Whizz by Vic Neill
Billy Whizz

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