Aliens, by Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson may be known best as the original artist on the 'Aliens' comics by Dark Horse, but he is also known for his painted covers on Dragon Magazine and RPG game illustrations. He also does cover & interior work for prose novels. Nelson began his career in the 1980s, working for Now Comics ('Silverwing') and Eclipse Enterprises (work for Alien Encounters and Skywolf).

Nightbreed, by Mark Nelson

He worked as an inker on First Publishing's 'The Badger' and 'Clonezone'. He also joined Dark Horse, where he started out with 'Dinosaur Tales', and eventually 'Aliens' in 1988-89. He has done a number of issues on the comic series 'Nightbreed', which was created by Clive Barker. Nelson has additionally done inks for DC, and has contributed to Kitchen Sink Press.

Nightbreed cover, by Mark Nelson

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