Ctyrlistek, by Jaroslav Nemecek

Jaroslav Nemecek is a comic artist from the Czech Republic. He is the creator of the popular series 'Ctyrlistek' ("Four-Leaved Clover"), which has appeared in its own magazine since 1969. The scripts were originally by Ljuba Stíplová, who added a great many science fiction elements, but there are currently several writers involved and the stories have become more down to earth. The stories about four anthropomorphic animals were intended for school children, but many adults have also read the strip.

Prior to this, Nemecek was an artist for magazine Materídouska. Among Nemecek's other creations are 'Carodej Huriás', 'Barbánek' and most notably, 'Rexík' that has appeared in Ctyrlistek since 1994. 

Ctyrlistek, by Jaroslav Nemecek

(in Czech)

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