comic strip from Galago, by David Nessle (1995)
comic strip from Galago (1995)

David Nessle is a Swedish comic artist who has published his comics in magazines like Galago, Mega-Pyton and Kapten Stofil. He is the creator of series like 'Pungjävulen O'Flanagan', 'Benny Faktor' and 'Den Maskerade Proggaren', as well as the album 'Döden Steker en Flamingo'. He made the Sherlock Holmes-parody 'John Holmes & Sherlock Watson' with Joakim Lindengren. He is co-founder of the publishing firm Skadeglatt Leende with Joakim Lindengren and Martin Kristenson. Kapten Stofil is the publisher's magazine.

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