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Josh Neufeld is the writer/artist of the New York Times bestseller 'A.D: New Orleans After the Deluge' (Pantheon Books, 2009), a nonfiction graphic novel about Hurricane Katrina. (Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, Neufeld spent three weeks as an American Red Cross volunteer in Biloxi, Mississippi.

From the Asylum by Josh Neufeld
From the Asylum

The blog entries he kept about that experience turned into a self-published book, 'Katrina Came Calling', which in turn led to 'A.D.') Neufeld works primarily in the realm of nonfiction comics. His work has been featured in 'The Vagabonds', 'Keyhole', and 'Titans of Finance', as well as in numerous comics anthologies, newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. He is a longtime artist for Harvey Pekar's American Splendor.

Keyhole, by Josh Neufeld

Neufeld was born in New York City and grew up in San Diego, San Francisco, and New York. He has been drawing comics since he was four years old. His earliest influences were Belgian cartoonist Hergé, author of 'Tintin', and the Curt Swan-Murphy Anderson issues of 'Action Comics' and 'Superman'.

After graduating from Oberlin College in 1989 with an art history degree, and a stint at The Nation magazine, Neufeld has devoted himself to a career in comics. With his friend of more than 20 years, Dean Haspiel, Josh co-created 'Keyhole', where Neufeld wrote and drew stories about his backpacking experiences in South East Asia and Central Europe. Keyhole ran for six issues with two different small-press publishers.

comic art by Josh Neufeld

With writer Rob Walker, Neufeld created 'Titans of Finance', published to critical acclaim by Alternative Comics in 2001. In his solo series 'The Vagabonds' (debuting in 2003), Neufeld continued stories of his travel adventures; he collected all of them in the Xeric Award-winning trade paperback 'A Few Perfect Hours (and Other Stories of South East Asia & Central Europe)'.

A.D. by Josh Neufeld

Neufeld's recent project is 'The Influencing Machine', a collaboration with radio host Brooke Gladstone, due out from W.W. Norton in 2011. In addition, Neufeld is a founding member of the comics collective ACT-I-VATE.

Neufeld's comics have been translated into French, Dutch, and Serbian; and his art has been exhibited in gallery and museum shows in the United States and Europe. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, the writer Sari Wilson, and their daughter. 

comic art by Josh Neufeld

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