Nocturnes Rouges Origines by Emmanuel Nhieu
Nocturnes Rouges Origines

Emmanuel Nhieu decided to focus his career in comics after three years of Law studies and his military service. Hegan his career at the Atelier Gottferdom in Aix-en-Provence, and published his first works in Lanfeust Mag. He created the heroic fantasy comic about vampires 'Nocturnes Rouges', and got the opportunity to publish it with Soleil Productions. The first book was released in 2001, and by the fifth book in 2008, Nhieu stuck to the writing and left the art duties to Looky.

Nhieu additionally created 'Post-Mortem Pacific!!!' (2007-08) and the spin-off series 'Nocturnes Rouges - Origines' (2009-10), and has participated in several collective projects by Soleil. Since 2012, he makes the series 'Far Albion' with Jean-Luc Sala.

Post Moretum Pacific by Emmanuel Nhieu
Post-Mortem Pacific!!!

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