Battler Britton by Patrick Nicolle
'Battler Britton' (1962).

Patrick Nicolle was born in Hampstead, London, and raised in Birmingham. After a job at a woodwork magazine and a brief period working in advertising, he became a freelance artist for mainly Odhams Press. Nicolle was with the Royal Engineers during World War II. Afterwards, he wrote a book about armour for Penguin Books and he was founder member of the Arms and Armour Society. His illustrations for a book about 'Robin Hood and his Merry Men', led to a collaboration with Amalgamated Press, where he illustrated the 'Robin Hood' feature for Knockout in 1952-53.

Robin Hood, by Patrick Nicolle
'Robin Hood' (copy of a story originally made by Geoff Campion for The Sun).

For the next decades, Nicolle worked as an artist of adventure stories for Amalgamated, but also for Fleetway and IPC. He illustrated stories for Comet ('Claude Duval'), Sun ('Jak of the Jaguars'), Thriller Comics Library and Knockout. He also contributed to Lion, T.V. Fun and Buster, before working mostly for Look and Learn from 1963 onwards (a.o. 'Sir Nigel', 'Under the Golden Dragon'). He is also referred to as Pat Nicholle.

Firebrand by Pat Nicholle

Patrick Nicolle on the British Comic Art blog

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