Stefi, by Grazia Nidasio

Grazia Nidasio was one of the most famous female Italian comic creators. After her studies in sculpting, she joined the magazine Il Corriere dei Piccoli in 1953. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, she illustrated a variety of series, such as 'Alibella', 'Gelsomino', 'Signorina Vanità', 'Nonno Roby', 'Futurino', 'Violante Rock', 'Nicoletta', 'Daniela e Chicca', 'Il Dottor Oss' and 'Scaramacai'. She has also been artistic director of the magazine for a while.

Violante by Grazia Nidasio
Violante alla televisione (Corriere dei Piccoli, 17/6/1962)

She began her family comic of everyday life, 'Valentina Mela Verde', in 1969. Nidasio proved to be a sharp depicter of youth and the world of adolescence. When the Valentina character had grown up, she was succeeded by her younger sister 'Steffi'. From 1976, Nidasio series told the adventures of Stefi through the girl's diary. The series became in international success. She has also been active in the animation field.

Steffi, by Grazia Nidasio

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