Willy på Eventyr by Harry Nielsen
Willy på Eventyr (Allers #29, 1946)

Danish artist Harry Nielsen was born in Copenhagen, and started out as a painter. During World War I, he began as a commercial artist, drawing letterheads and postcards for Stenders publishers. In the 1920s he also illustrated several children's books published by Gyldendal.

He began working for the Aller publishing house in 1925. There he made a lot of illustrations and models for Familie-Journalen magazine. By 1941, when the episodes of the British comic 'Rob the Rover' by Walter Booth couldn't reach the Danish paper, Nielsen began a local version of the strip, called 'Willy på Eventyr'. In the early 1940s, four books were published with Nielsen's stories. In addition, Nielsen drew the 'Bamse og Dukke Lise' series, published in both Allers and Familie Journalen. He continued this series after leaving 'Willy' in 1947.

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