Scuffle by Bart Nijstad

Bart Nijstad studied at the Minerva Academy in Groningen from 2001 to 2005, where he received his Bachelor in Fine Arts. His work has been shown at several group exhibitions held in Groningen since 2005. He had his first short story, 'Groningen bij nacht', published in Passage in 2006. He made the small press graphic novel 'Muggen, Chapter 1' in 2009 and has also published in Eisner and NRC Next. 'Muggen' was released as a graphic novel by Xtra in 2014.

Hella Rawana by Bart Nijstad
Hello Rawana

Nijstad was an Artist In Residence at Kunst in Kolderveen (2009) and he has done the design for the inside of two Amsterdam metro sets in 2010. Most of his ideas come from events he has seen or experienced which are rearranged or exaggerated in a distorted, fairy-tale like fashion.

Muggen by Bart Nijstad

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